Lean Construction

The principles of Lean Construction are derived from the Toyota Production System. Lean organizations and teams seek opportunities to create incremental improvement in the overall construction process, as well as day-to-day operations. Collaboration and innovative thinking are hallmarks of the Lean methodology. The Last Planner® System employs several tools to encourage participation by all team members, specifically trade foremen, in the development and execution of the construction plan, and provides a framework for measuring success, identifying problems, and continuously improving results. At G3C, we have extensive experience implementing Lean principles on projects, facilitating Last Planner® processes, and providing Lean training and coaching to contractors and project teams.

Professional Writing


When building buildings and satisfying your clients is your top priority, it can be difficult to spare the resources, or identify the expertise, needed to create professional, relevant written materials to represent your organization in the marketplace. G3C brings a unique combination of construction industry knowledge and writing ability to support your needs in this area.